Older Children, Teens & Young Adults

I love working with older children, teens and young adults. Each life stage has it's own unique joys and sets of challenges. Coming into puberty and adolescence mental health interventions can become important if your child's mood, or life event, is affecting their everyday life and making it hard for them to interact.

 Whether the issue itself, stems from a lack of understanding between those involved, sibling conflict, or developmental disagreements with a child, a difficult situation can have an effect on the entire family. Individual counseling, or family therapy, can be helpful when problems arise and can help restore and improve communication.

Also, young adults have their own set of struggles in terms of making ends meet, stepping into new life roles, and navigating boundaries and health relationships.

Some situations that may benefit from counseling include:

  • If a family is going through a loss. Or, there has been a relocation that appears to be difficult.
  • If a family member is suffering from substance abuse
  • Issues between parents (parenting issues or going through a divorce)
  • If a teenager is experiencing behavior issues on a regular basis such as isolation, outbursts, or difficulty connecting with others.
  • Sibling conflict

How can counseling help?

Counseling can help open up a line of dialogue and communication and give your child the space to share and come into healing.

How will we know when we need family therapy?

Normally, I like to have individual sessions as well as periodic family therapy to assist with strengthening relationships and improving methods of communication and conflict resolution. Families are a unique ecosystem, and issues affecting one member of a family can reverberate and affect the whole unit. Additional benefits of this type of counseling are that in some instances, the sessions can heal emotional wounds in a short period of time.

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