Life Transition and Relationship Issues

Why would I need counseling for a life adjustment?

At every stage of life there comes new challenges. There may also be a situation you didn't expect that has caused you to feel anxious, alone, or fearful. Whether it's adjusting to being on your own, divorce, empty nest, retirement, all of these deserve attention and healing. You might also be experiencing a cycle of relationship stress, intimacy issues, or always "picking the wrong" partner. Are you dealing with constant feelings of inadequacy? Are you unsure of whether you deserve the life you have?

I can assist by helping to you normalize your feelings and identify patterns that may be keeping you stuck. 

We can look at your past history, current stressors, societal factors, that may be contributing to your feelings. We can explore your current relationships and identify any needs (communication, setting boundaries, listening, etc.) and speak up for yourself in a compassionate and loving way. Healthy relationships require strong connections and time to build trust. 

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