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Being in recovery from addiction whether substance abuse or alcohol abuse (or other forms of addiction) can be challenging. Often you can feel isolated or misunderstood in terms of how adjusting to sobriety can be. Or, you may have been in recovery for some time and feel yourself triggered or concerned that recent life stressors may cause, or even caused, relapse.

"Recovery is about being in progression not perfection". If we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and talk about our recovery journey and what is happening now then we can truly step into a higher quality of life.

Together, we can identify coping, look at support systems, and find ways for you to feel empowered on your recovery journey.

Why is therapy important for life in recovery?

Programs that are 12-step based significantly help in terms of finding guidance and community support. However, even if you are not connected to a program in therapy we can explore various avenues of support. I can also assist in helping to set boundaries with friends and family who might question that it's still difficult. Or, perhaps you have been sober for years however had not dealt with some of the underlying issues that contributed to this destructive coping.  Also, addiction issues can affect a family unit for years to come, and its important that you don’t weather the storm alone and that support is possible.

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